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Committed to the production of carbon steel and stainless steel fasteners, stamping parts and non-standard custom parts.


Founded in 2003, Haiyan Yuanda Metal Products Co., Ltd. is a China U bolt Manufacturers and Wholesale U bolt Suppliers dedicated to the production of carbon steel and stainless steel fasteners, stamping parts and non-standard custom parts. The annual production capacity can exceed 5,000 tons, strong technical force, complete production equipment, reliable product quality, good mechanical performance, widely used in construction, machinery, auto parts, breeding and other industries.

  • Customized Service
    Customized Service

    We mainly make customized products, we develop and produce products according to the drawings or samples provided by customers.

  • Quality Guarantee
    Quality Guarantee

    Quality Guarantee Quality Guarantee Yuanda after more than 20 years of technology accumulation and precipitation for the industry to improve performance cost reduction contributed to the strength of many years of market.

  • Production Capacity
    Production Capacity

    We have complete production equipment, with an annual output of more than 5,000 tons, which can meet the needs of customers with different purchase volumes.


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Industry Knowledge Extension

What is a U bolt, and what are its primary applications in various industries?

A U bolt is a type of fastener that has a U-shaped design with threads on both ends. It is commonly used to secure or attach various components together, typically in applications where there is a need for stability and support.
The primary applications of U bolts can be found across various industries, and some of the most common uses include:
Construction and Engineering: U bolts are used to secure pipes, beams, and other structural elements in buildings, bridges, and infrastructure projects.
Automotive Industry: In vehicles, U bolts are often employed to attach leaf springs to the axle, providing stability and support to the suspension system.
Marine and Boating: U bolts are used to secure components like cleats, bimini tops, and other accessories on boats and ships.
Electrical and Telecommunication: U bolts are utilized for mounting and securing poles, conduits, and equipment in the electrical and telecommunications industries.
Agriculture: In farming and agricultural settings, U bolts are used to fasten various components, such as securing machinery and equipment to tractor attachments.
Oil and Gas: U bolts are commonly employed to fix pipes and equipment in oil and gas installations.
Manufacturing and Industrial: U bolts find applications in manufacturing facilities to secure machinery components and fixtures.

What are the different types of U bolts available, and how do they differ in terms of design and usage?

U bolts come in various types, each designed to suit different applications and specific requirements. The key differences among them lie in their design, shape, and usage. Here are some of the common types of U bolts:
Standard U Bolts: These are the most basic and commonly used U bolts. They have a U-shaped design with threads on both ends and are available in various sizes and materials. Standard U bolts are versatile and find applications in construction, automotive, and general-purpose fastening.
Square U Bolts: Instead of having a curved U shape, square U bolts have a square shape. They are often used to secure square or rectangular components, such as lumber or posts.
Round Bend U Bolts: These U bolts have rounded ends instead of the standard square bends. The rounded bend design provides better support and reduces stress concentration on the fastened components, making them suitable for critical applications.
Semi-Round Bend U Bolts: As the name suggests, these U bolts have a partially rounded bend, combining features of standard and round bend U bolts. They offer a balance between support and flexibility and are commonly used in applications where a secure but slightly flexible connection is required.
Custom U Bolts: Depending on specific requirements, custom U bolts can be manufactured with unique shapes, sizes, and configurations. These are often tailor-made for specialized applications, where standard U bolts may not suffice.
Extended U Bolts: These U bolts have longer legs, providing additional clearance to accommodate thicker components or where extended reach is needed.
Marine U Bolts: Specifically designed for marine applications, these U bolts are made from corrosion-resistant materials like stainless steel to withstand the harsh environment of saltwater.
Leaf Spring U Bolts: Tailored for automotive applications, these U bolts are used to secure leaf springs to the vehicle's axle, ensuring stable suspension and load-bearing capabilities.