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Committed to the production of carbon steel and stainless steel fasteners, stamping parts and non-standard custom parts.


Founded in 2003, Haiyan Yuanda Metal Products Co., Ltd. is a China Wing nut Manufacturers and Wholesale Wing nut Suppliers dedicated to the production of carbon steel and stainless steel fasteners, stamping parts and non-standard custom parts. The annual production capacity can exceed 5,000 tons, strong technical force, complete production equipment, reliable product quality, good mechanical performance, widely used in construction, machinery, auto parts, breeding and other industries.

  • Customized Service
    Customized Service

    We mainly make customized products, we develop and produce products according to the drawings or samples provided by customers.

  • Quality Guarantee
    Quality Guarantee

    Quality Guarantee Quality Guarantee Yuanda after more than 20 years of technology accumulation and precipitation for the industry to improve performance cost reduction contributed to the strength of many years of market.

  • Production Capacity
    Production Capacity

    We have complete production equipment, with an annual output of more than 5,000 tons, which can meet the needs of customers with different purchase volumes.


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Industry Knowledge Extension

What are the primary applications where wing nuts are commonly used as fasteners?

Wing nuts are versatile fasteners known for their hand-tightening capability, making them suitable for applications where frequent assembly and disassembly are required without the need for tools. Some common primary applications of wing nuts include:
Furniture Assembly: Wing nuts are often used in furniture manufacturing and assembly due to their ease of installation and removal, making it convenient to adjust or disassemble furniture pieces.
Home Improvement: Wing nuts are used in various home improvement projects, such as attaching fixtures, shelves, and brackets. Their tool-free operation is advantageous for non-professional users.
Temporary Structures: In applications like event staging, tents, and trade show displays, wing nuts enable quick assembly and disassembly without the need for specialized tools, facilitating efficient setup and teardown.
Lighting Fixtures: Wing nuts are utilized in attaching and adjusting lighting fixtures, allowing for easy angle adjustments and quick maintenance.
Automotive and Mechanical Repairs: For temporary fastening during automotive or mechanical repairs, wing nuts provide a convenient solution, especially when access to tools is limited.
Gardening Equipment: Wing nuts are employed in the assembly of gardening tools and equipment, providing a simple and effective fastening method for parts that need occasional adjustment or replacement.

How do wing nuts compare to other types of thumb-operated fasteners in terms of their strength and durability?

Wing nuts are a type of thumb-operated fastener, and their strength and durability can vary based on factors such as design, material, and application. Let's compare wing nuts to other common types of thumb-operated fasteners like thumbscrews and hand knobs:
Wing Nuts:
Strength: Wing nuts are typically not as strong as other types of fasteners due to their hand-tightening nature. They are suitable for applications with light to moderate loads where high torque values are not required.
Durability: The durability of wing nuts depends on the material they are made from. In heavy-duty applications, they might not hold up well compared to more robust fasteners.
Convenience: Wing nuts are extremely convenient for quick hand-tightening and loosening without the need for tools. They are well-suited for applications that require frequent assembly and disassembly.